Audio Pro Allroom Review

The Audio Pro Allroom package combines a compact appear with a great sonic performance. The 150-watt power supply combines with a 6th. 5-inch long-throw driver and a down-firing reflex slot to deliver an extraordinary performance. The sound is surprisingly available and effective, and despite the lack of dynamic sweep and excitement, it can be an wonderful performer in cases where used in the perfect environment.

As opposed to most other multi-room audio devices, the Allroom Surroundings One is a premium AirPlay speaker which can be used as a stand-alone speaker or as part of a multi-room sound system. Its features include USB input, advertising agency 3. 5mm, and optical digital TOSLINK. Its dual-channel technology permits it to serve as children sound system. The remarkably reserved design provides HDTV high quality. The Allroom Air A single also includes a tactile handset and the Music Pro iOS app.

The Allroom is known as a compact presenter that provides big appear, with its high-gloss hand lacquered cabinet. It gets in four distinct colors, which includes black, white, gold, and reddish. The audio-video audiopro technology used in the Allroom is unique, and the striper response is great. The bass speaker is the most effective component inside the system, but the SUB ALLROOM is more than adequate meant for smaller setups.